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You Can Help a Couple Have a Child. Many women dream of having children someday. But for some, that dream has faded into frustration and exhaustion after years of trying to conceive and failing to produce a pregnancy.

Each month your body releases many eggs that your body won’t use. When you donate, we “rescue” 6 to 10 of these microscopic one-cell eggs and mix them in a laboratory with sperm for fertilization. Most of the eggs fertilize to create embryos, and we then place these in the recipient’s uterus to create a pregnancy.


Deciding to Donate


Becoming an egg donor begins as an emotional decision to give a part of yourself to an egg recipient in need. You are seen as a valuable gift by the women and couples who search through our donor roster for someone to replace their own genes. You are cared about, and your donation is appreciated more than you can imagine.

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