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AESC International Medical Surrogacy Inc. is a professional States Licensed Surrogacy Agency and Ovum donation solution company specially for Asian couple who cannot pregnant.We recruit all kinds of qualified Gestational Carrier nationalwide all year round.No matter first-time or experienced Gestational Carrier,you are always welcome here and can get superior service by our staff. Our purpose is quite simple---To make your dream that helps others get a baby come ture, and get profitable compensates start with your contract signed.

AESC is also proud to offer our services to the LGBT community, and we have had great success assisting LGBT intended parents on their rewarding and complex journey to parenthood. When considering a surrogate pregnancy or egg donor, come to AESC with the confidence that our caring staff will help guide you toward your goal while recognizing the amazing journey you are on. We can connect you to the resource to help you learn about surrogacy laws in your area, and other distinctions specific to your journey.

Company Headquarters
Company Headquarters
Company Headquarters
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