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I was lucky to be a surrogate mother giving birth to lovely twins, that was a wonderful gift. AESC team gave me lots of help,respect and care during the entire process of surrogacy. I am willing to continue cooperation with AESC.

Surrogate Mother

Phoenix, Arizona

AESC team staff was patient and professional.They helped me to realize my desire to help others. I felt cared for the entire time and valued beyond measure. It was a perfect pregnancy with no problems.The baby is healthy and lovely like an angel.

Surrogate Mother

Los Angeles, California

I am very grateful to AESC team,the experience I had with their staff was amazing! .They helped me to have a good communication with Intended Parents.Our family became good friends.Appreciate all AESC team has done for us.


Surrogate Mother


Thank you for the beautiful flowers.I received them from AESC when I arrived home from the hospital. Thank you all for facilitating such an amazing journey, I am truly honored to be part of it. I could not have imagined a more perfect family to have met and become family with in this process and am grateful AESC brought us together.

Surrogate Mother

Las Vegas,Nevada

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Make someone’s dream of family a reality.

Thank you for your interest in wanting to become a surrogate mother.

Our purpose is to match surrogate mothers with compatible couples and individuals to participate in the life-changing journey of bringing a child into a loving, deserving family.

AESC International Medical Surrogacy Inc. will be with you for guidance

and support every step of the way in your journey to becoming a surrogate mother. 

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman agrees to become pregnant for the purpose of giving birth to a child or children for others (intended parents) to raise. This special woman is called the surrogate. AESC Surrogacy conducts gestational surrogacy arrangements, whereby embryos produced by the intended parents, with eggs from the intended mother or with the assistance of an egg donor, are implanted in the surrogate. The embryo is produced by a process called in vitro fertilization (IVF). This process ensures the baby has no genetic relationship to the surrogate.

How does AESC provide such wonderful care to surrogates?

1. One-on-one time before you fill out the application

Becoming a surrogate is an important decision. Doing preliminary research is a great start. Before surrogates fill out the application, they can private message us  to ask specific questions. Surrogates may also connect with former surrogates who now work with us as surrogate outreach coordinators. This is a good opportunity to ask questions about the application and the process.

2. Our two-way matching process requires both the surrogate’s and intended parents’ input.

Finding the right match is a nuanced process that requires experience and dedicated resources. At Circle, our matching team makes sure matches are ideal from a legal standpoint as well as a personality standpoint. Once a match has been proposed, profiles are sent to both the surrogate and intended parents, with the identifying information removed. For the match to move forward, both parties must agree. Then a Skype call is arranged for everyone to get to know each other and see if the match is a good fit. We want intended parents and surrogates to go into the process feeling positive, which is why we take the time to secure the right match.

3. We encourage a relationship between surrogates and intended parent(s).

With a cultivated relationship, surrogates have an opportunity to get to know the wonderful people to whom they are giving such an amazing gift. Many surrogates and intended parents feel like family by the end of the process. We believe fostering this relationship is the best way to bring a baby into the world.

4. AESC Surrogacy is a full-service agency with over 10 years of experience.

One of the biggest benefits of being a full-service agency is access. Legal questions, accounting questions, or medical questions may come up throughout a journey—and our experienced team is able to respond promptly and accurately. AESC has over 10 years of experience to help create families through surrogacy and egg donation. That experience has allowed us to continually perfect our program in order to provide more options and services to our surrogates as well as intended parents.

5. Surrogates are always part of the AESC family.

There are many ways to stay connected to AESC after the birth. In addition to a relationship with the intended parents, many surrogates stay connected with our groups. Surrogates can also participate in sharing their individual journey.Also,Surrogates can continue to help families by referring women within their network to join the AESC Surrogacy program.

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What is Surrogacy?

Surrogate Mother Wanted: Do Something Amazing!

The gift a surrogate provides for an individual/couple in need is both remarkable and generous. It takes a special person to give of themselves so freely, and the very fact you’re reading this shows you may possess the rare qualities necessary to become a gestational surrogate. The lives you affect aren’t limited to the intended parents and the child - the joy and enrichment you experience as a surrogate is indescribable and is something you can look back on with pride and satisfaction for the rest of your life.



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