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Intended Parents



Work Up


The IVF Cycle





Application & Evaluation

The Surrogate Mother Application and Evaluation Process

  • Begin by filling out the online surrogate mother application. This application asks about your lifestyle, pregnancy, medical and work history. It is crucial that you complete the application thoroughly and honestly so that we can get to know you and match you with appropriate intended parents.

  • If your application is accepted, you will receive a call from our surrogacy coordinator who will gather more information about you and your family.

  • At this point, we ask for relevant surrogacy information such as medical records from all previous pregnancies. This can take a while to gather, so you may want to call your OB/GYN and request records be sent to our office.


Matching With Intended Parents

Matching Surrogate Mother with Intended Parents

Once you are accepted into our AESC family, we discuss information about possible Intended Parents as we build your custom match. This tailored approach is what we call our Matching process – and it's the reason the match is right on the first introduction more than 95 percent of the time. Our approach is based on aligned values as well as personal, medical and psychological criteria. When everyone feels right with the selection, we arrange a match meeting to discuss all expectations during your surrogacy engagement. This is one of the most important and reaffirming steps in the journey together – establishing an incredible connection between you as the surrogate and your hopeful intended parents.​

Medical Work Up

Surrogate Mother Medical Work Up


You will be meeting at the IVF clinic with the intended parents' physician, who will speak with you in detail and perform a surrogacy information assessment. The work up varies from clinic to clinic but will often include:

  • Vaginal ultrasound – a probe is inserted into the vagina enabling the technician to look at your uterus for polyps, scar tissue and lining thickness

  • Physical and pap smear

  • Hysteroscopy – a procedure where a small camera is placed in the uterus to look at the uterine cavity

  • Medical instruction of the IVF cycle, injections, medication use and embryo transfer

The IVF Cycle

Surrogate Mother IVF Cycle


The IVF nurse will give you full instructions and details about the surrogate medications needed, the medical protocol, any restrictions, and expectations during the surrogate mother process. In preparation for your uterus to receive embryos created by the couple:

  • You will most likely be asked to take estrogen and progesterone in either patch, pill, suppository or injection form. You may also be asked to take a birth control pill to regulate and synch your menstrual cycle with the intended mom or egg donor.

  • You will have regular blood draws and ultrasounds to monitor the progress of the cycle.

  • You will have an embryo transfer where a small catheter is inserted into your vagina and through to your uterus. The embryos will be placed through the catheter and into the uterus for anticipated implantation.

Pregnancy & Delivery

Surrogate Mother Pregnancy and Delivery


This pregnancy may be different from your own pregnancies in that it is conceived via In Vitro Fertilization and requires a little more early attention.

  • You may be asked to have your blood drawn, ultrasounds or other procedures far more regularly than with “natural” pregnancies.

  • There is a possibility of multiples that may require additional office visits, bed rest or other monitoring.

  • This pregnancy is shared with the loving intended parents, and therefore requires ongoing communication about the developing fetus, your health status, needs for support, or other matters.

  • You will be participating in AESC surrogate mother support groups that are offered in person to assure all of your questions are answered and that you have support from our caring staff.

  • Delivery is a very special time for all involved. Our mental health professional will meet with both the surrogate and the intended parents to create a birth plan that will attempt to meet everyone’s needs.

Because each surrogacy arrangement is unique, there may be some variances and this will be discussed in much greater detail as the process moves forward.

If you have any further questions or would like more information about becoming a surrogate, please contact us.

You have questions.

We have answers.

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