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When you become an egg donor,

you give hope to another family.



You Can Help a Couple Have a Child. 

Many women dream of having children someday. But for some, that dream has faded into frustration and exhaustion after years of trying to conceive and failing to produce a pregnancy.

Becoming an egg donor begins as an emotional decision to give a part of yourself to an egg recipient in need.

You are seen as a valuable gift by the women and couples who search through our donor roster for someone to replace their own genes. You are cared about, and your donation is appreciated more than you can imagine.

Why choose Asian Germ Cells Bank of AESC Inc. as your donate agency?


Asian Germ Cells Bank of AESC Inc. is a germ cells agency with years of experience.We strive to provide best serivce to asian donor group including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tainwanese, Hong Konger and south asian group. We offer one of the biggest Asian Cells Donate pools specially the Eggs donor pool nationwide. Our multicultural and multilingual staff members work closely with our clients to find their ideal cells donor. We make every effort to accomplish the donor matching process with ease and comfort for both the Recipient and Donor.


With The Asian Germ Cells Bank there is no question about the people you will work with, the care you will receive or the quality of the medical practice that will manage your treatment – and you schedule your own appointments. As The Asian Germ Cells Bank is local to New York and have cooperated clinic nationwide and you will be coming into the office to complete your donor interview or online if you don't have sufficient time, and you have a great opportunity to meet our entire staff and determine first-hand that we provide the personal care and guidance you will need. The Asian Germ Cells Bank guarantees that you will be well taken care of as we serve as your local advocate to oversee your cycle management and superior medical care.


Also, we have cooperated with types of IVF clinics, fertilize hospital and germ cells research organization, we are growing fast to satisfied the promising market recently.The staff here at Asian Germ Cells Bank is always here for you, anticipating what you may need and assuring you that we are accountable for your donor experience.





Who Are Our Germ Cells Donors?

After meeting countless Germ Cells donors specially for EGG donor, we know you are a special kind of person. You are smart, dedicated, reliable, and compassionate people: people who willingly give of themselves to benefit others – the epitome of generosity.




We Care About You.

Our first priority is your health. We ensure that you are given the best care by the doctors you work with. Fertility specialists know that your health comes first, period. While you travel through the donor process, The Asian Germ Cells Bank will guide you at every turn.



Refer a Friend Program.


We know that once you’ve worked with us to qualify as a donor, you are the very best person to refer others. If you refer a friend, and she qualifies to become a donor with The Asian Germ Cells Bank, we will gift you certain amount of dollars as you wish after your referral has been approved as a donor.Please tell us by telephone or email about the person you referred, or you can directly let the candidate contact us. Thank you for helping us find others as generous as you are!



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