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Happy pregnancy

Happy pregnancy

Pregnancy ultrasound

Pregnancy ultrasound

Pregnancy exercise

Pregnancy exercise

Smooth pregnancy

Smooth pregnancy

Looking for Surrogate Mother

AESC International Surrogacy Inc. is here to provide you with the highest level of professionalism and experience through our surrogacy services. We are dedicated to handling your surrogate journey with compassion and personal care. We will first match you with a suitable gestational surrogate to carry your baby, then, guide you through all steps you need to get to parenthood. Our goal is to make this the happiest time of your life.

Our Services

include, but are not limited to:

  • Interviewing / Approving each Surrogate.

  • Screening each surrogate BEFORE she is accepted into our program, based on extensive surrogate requirements.

  • Matching you with the most suitable surrogate based on your preferences.

  • Assisting both parties with obtaining medical and life insurance.

  • Detailed medical histories.

  • Physical exam.

  • Referring you and your surrogate to attorneys for legal contracts / parental rights.

  • Coordinating all medical appointments with you, your surrogate and IVF clinic.

  • Managing and disbursing payments through an insured escrow company.

  • Attending selected medical appointments upon request.

  • Attending your embryo transfer upon request.

  • Providing emotional support to both you and your surrogate through medications, pregnancy,labor and delivery.

  • Monitor your surrogate through mandatory monthly support group meetings.

  • Making sure all parties involved are handled with grace and integrity.

  • Returning any un-used escrow funds to you within 6 months of delivery.

  • Assisting your surrogate with any travel arrangements if required.

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