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Our Programs

Modern women have felt it more and more difficult to have naturally fertilization due to various reasons such as age, disease or pressure and busy work. Also, more and more parents hope to improve and upgrade their genetics so that their babies will be much healthier, smarter and more beautiful than others. Current the 3rd.generation technology of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has realized their dreams through procreating babies by developing other women’s egg or through freezing their own eggs during golden age and keeping them on condition that they will be pregnant.


AESC International Surrogacy Inc. cooperated with plenty of superior clinics with the cutting edge medical technology in the world, rich experienced clinical team and high quality customer service team to help clients fulfill their dreams of having their private-customized excellent babies.

AESC understands that every family has to do the big decision to apply IVF due to some expenses, time and energy. We are trying our best to thoroughly educate every egg providers regarding to providing process, medical information and announcements needed to cooperate the whole process. Our consulting details include exact matching process, provider screening through strict profile chosen, interviewing and background check, examination and include special post care of the frozen eggs. We provide the premium quality genes. 


We know you are care about the safety, authority and cost, so it is our priority to put these element in the first position as we choose superior clinics partner for your service. Each step of the freezen procedure such as consulting, physical examination, matching process, stimulation process and retrieval process will be in charged of licensed authority clinics doctor. Your concern is our priority. 

Our Programs

1. Gestational Surrogacy

The Gestational Surrogacy program is designed for intended parents who have the ability to provide all of the needed biology but require the assistance of a gestational surrogate. AESC staff assists you in the selection of an IVF center if you are not already established with a medical team. You are then matched with a gestational surrogate who meets your legal, psychological and emotional needs.

2. Gestational Surrogacy using Your Own Egg Donor

Many times, intended parents (IPs) begin a gestational surrogacy process needing a surrogate and an egg donor; however they have a family member or friend who is willing to be their egg donor. In this situation, intended parents can begin their journey with AESC by connecting with an IVF center and asking AESC to match them with a gestational surrogate who meets their legal, psychological and emotional needs. AESC staff provides screening, coordination, and contracts for your egg donor during the process.

3. Gestational Surrogacy with Egg Donation

Intended parents often have the need for both a gestational surrogate and an egg donor. In the Gestational Surrogacy with Egg Donation program, AESC Surrogacy staff coordinates a surrogacy journey that allows you to work with the IVF clinic of your choice. If you are not already connected with an IVF clinic, AESC staff can make recommendations and provide you with personal introductions.AESC staff can help you to select an egg donor from our Asian Germ Cells Bank.Once you have selected an egg donor, you are matched with a gestational surrogate whom meets your legal, psychological and emotional needs.

4. Asian Germ Cells Bank Egg Donation

For intended parents who do not require a gestational surrogate but need the assistance of an egg donor, Asian Germ Cells Bank’s access to over 1,000 egg donors can help you find the egg donor who meets your unique requirements. Understanding your options and making a selection can be an overwhelming prospect. At AESC, we aim to make that choice easier for you.

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