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1. Website

Browse our free Website Database of dozens of eastern Asian available egg providers. Each provider profile contains information including physical condition, family history, education background, interests, special talents and skills, characters and photos from childhood to adult.

2. Small Talk

You may make an appointment with us in our office or you can choose a place where is convenient for you.Consultations occur in the many major cities on our travel schedule.Then you can talk to our experts face to face. You will have a thorough consulting from us.

3. Free-toll Telephone Service Call At 8888-999-369

AESC International Surrogacy Inc. consultants will introduce to you our whole process, answer any of your questions, and schedule you to enter into your process.Once you’ve selected a donor, we’ll send you a contract and discuss your specific requirements and your timetable most suitable for you and your family.

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Looking For Fresh Egg Process


You can select a provider from our database. We provide you the consulting and assistance needed to select an egg provider for a medically synchronized, traditional Fresh Donor cycle. We coordinate with you, the provider, and our cooperation clinic to begin your process.


Selecting a Fresh Egg Provider

Selecting your egg provider is crucial and important for you and your family. Our first phase is to offer expert team to guide you and help you make the decision. We offer three ways of servicing you.






Donor Services

Asian Germ Cells Bank is dedicated to providing the most compassionate and professional assistance available for growing families considering egg donation. We consider each case on an individual basis. Every client that comes to us has a different life experience which has brought them to this point. Wherever you are in the donor selection process, we will work with you to try and meet your needs and do all that we can to find you an appropriate donor.

  • Well screened donors have carefully considered their decision to donate.

  • Registered Nurses (RN) on staff, enabling us to effectively identify excellent donor candidates.

  • Donors must meet specific age (21-29), weight, lifestyle, education, and schedule requirements.

  • We interview donors prior to including them in our donor pool.

  • Donors are counseled on the process, obligations and risks involved in donation.

  • Donors are informed of the confidential nature of the arrangement with the recipient(s).

  • Donors are encouraged to voice any concerns they have before they proceed.

  • We do all that we can to ensure each donor is well informed and committed.

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