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Donor Criteria


Receiving donor eggs is an expensive process for the recipient. For this reason we screen all egg donors to meet certain qualifications.


1. You Must be Committed to the Process. Most importantly you must be dependable and committed to following through with the protocol. The egg donation process involves planning, expense, effort, and emotional investment. If for any reason you do not meet or are unwilling to meet the requirements below please do not continue with this process. There may be financial charges that you will be legally responsible for if you voluntarily choose to prematurely withdraw or if you become pregnant once you have been selected and begin the medical screening process.


2. Donors must be Asian Women and between the ages of 18 and 32 and in good health.


3. Donors must have obtained a High school diploma or GED.


4. Egg Donors must be non-smokers and drug-free. Egg Donors must have abstained from smoking for at least six months prior to submitting an Egg Donor application and may not have a history of drug use. Urine toxicology tests may be completed during the Egg Donor screening process to confirm abstinence.


5. Donors will be able to travel anywhere within United States to complete an egg donation. Typically, Donors are required to travel for approximately 5-10 days for the egg donation monitoring and retrieval if cycling with a clinic in another state. Travel requirements vary greatly from clinic to clinic, however, ranging from 2 to 12 days.


6. We cannot accept Donors who have completed more than six donations, and we can only match our Donors for a maximum of six donations, in adherence with egg donation guidelines set forth by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).


7. Donors are responsible for updating their profile/application annually.


8. Donors’ Body Mass Index must be between 18 and 32 because overweight Donors’ health and egg quality may be at placed risk when taking medications necessary for an egg donation cycle. Please visit the Centers for Disease Control’s website to determine your BMI at


9. Birth Control ConsiderationsIf you are on Depo, have a Norplant birth control device or a hormone-based IUD, you must wait until it has expired or has been removed before registering with us. You must have had two regular periods since coming off of the Depo shot. Note that you can still qualify even if you’re on birth control pills, have undergone a tubal ligation or have a non hormone-based IUD.


10. Donors cannot have obtained any tattoos, body piercing or blood transfusions within the past 12 months prior to initiating an egg donation. D Donors may not obtain any new tattoos or body piercing while undergoing an egg donation cycle.  

Donor Criteria

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